The Real Reason Why The Devil Judas Went Out And Hung Himself On A Tree After Betraying Jesus
When Judas lived and breathed alongside the true disciples, he was there as a type of Antichrist “Jesus answered them, Have not I ...
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President Trump lays a wreath at Yad Vashem

Voice of Iran**The situation of women political prisoners in Iran Maryam Akbari threatened with extension of prison sentence.

Police: The stabbing of a Netanya policeman was terrorism

Police officer attacked in Netanya was knifed by a Palestinian

Trump: Peace can’t take root where violence is rewarded

Trump: Peace can’t take root when violence is rewarded

First report of a stabbing attack in Netanya

ISIS takes responsibility for 22 deaths in Manchester Arena

This is big news, whether you like Alex Jones or not!

Trump holds talks with Palestinian leader in Bethlehem

Rocket from Sinai explodes in Eshkol District

Terrorist kills 22 in Manchester, UK

Who is really the terrorist?

Terrorist Bomb Blast at Ariana Grande Concert Kills 20, Wounds Dozens

Terrorist kills 19 in Manchester, UK

The Geopolitical Education of Donald Trump

Dozens Dead And 100’s Injured In UK Islamic Terror Attack At Manchester Arena After Ariana Grande Concert

Rouhani’s Second Term Continuation of Political and Economic Repression

Fukushima-Daiichi: High Levels of Cesium Radioactive Material Migrating Down into Soil Around Fukushima

President Trump takes selfie with Israeli politician accused of selling drugs, prostitutes

Stewart Swerdlow: Man Made Planet Force Field, Alien Proof Finally Found & Reasons For Rompers

Trump First Sitting President To Visit Western Wall, But Will He Keep Promise To Move Embassy To Jerusalem?

Trump: A peace deal is tough, but we’ll get there eventually

Rouhani: No regional stability without Iran

Obama And Entourage Spews Carbon All Over Europe As He Speaks At Climate Change Conference

US Deems Thailand "Undemocratic:" US-Backed Opposition Terrorism Follows

Trump lands in Israel amid peace over-reach

North Korea: Missile tested has late-stage guidance warhead

Trump arrives in Jerusalem from state welcome at Ben-Gurion

Trump: Iran must disarm militias, never gain nuke